Ozarks RFD: Selected Essays , 2010-2015

By Jim Hamilton

Tentative Release Date: January 2020

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By Amy Wright Vollmar


Tentative Release Date: January 2020


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Elder Mountain: A Journal of Ozarks Studies

A juried journal, Elder Mountain seeks Ozarks-focused manuscripts from all disciplinary perspectives (particularly anthropology, economics, folklore, geography, geology, history, literature, music, and political science) as well as interdisciplinary approaches. In addition, high-quality, Ozarks-oriented short stories, poems, and works of creative nonfiction are of keen interest, as is visual art that examines the Ozarks.

Only electronic submissions are accepted and may be sent as a Word attachment to PhillipHowerton@MissouriState.edu. Deadline for first consideration is April 1.

Well-crafted, thesis-driven articles free of discipline-specific jargon have the greatest likelihood of acceptance. Articles should use the documentation style appropriate to the discipline.

Carefully wrought short stories and essays free of common Ozark stereotypes will receive appreciative consideration. Creative prose pieces should be a maximum of 5000 words.

Poems may range in style from formal to free verse. Strong imagery and intelligently rendered content are attractive qualities.

For visual art we seek images (photography, paintings, ink drawings, etc.) suitable for reproduction in black and white. We prefer that images be sent electronically as a JPG, PNG, or TIF file. Include a one or two page artist’s statement.

Simultaneously submitted or previously published work will not be considered.

Elder Mountain reserves first North American serial rights only. All other rights revert to the authors and artists upon publication in Elder Mountain.








The History of Tree Roots

Golden Antelope Press, 2015


Although these poems are informed by a lifetime of living in the Ozarks, readers will not find the over-wrought sentimentality, tired stereotypes, or visions of an indestructible, primeval wilderness that have too often colored writing set in this region. Instead, these poems recognize the attributes and faults of the past and present, challenge the clichéd representations of place, and engage the experiences of small and independent farmers—a group largely ignored in depictions of the region. These poems also move beyond the Ozarks by addressing a number of universal concerns, such as urban sprawl, the devaluation of manual labor, a diminished sense of place, the loss of small communities, and the fragility of the natural environment.

The History of Tree Roots

The Literature of the Ozarks: An Anthology (Ozarks Studies)

The Literature of the Ozarks: An Anthology

University of Arkansas Press, 2019


The job of regional literature is twofold: to explore and confront the culture from within, and to help define that culture for outsiders. Taken together, the two centuries of Ozarks literature collected in this ambitious anthology do just that. The fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama presented in The Literature of the Ozarks complicate assumptions about backwoods ignorance, debunk the pastoral myth, expand on the meaning of wilderness, and position the Ozarks as a crossroads of human experience with meaningful ties to national literary movements.

Among the authors presented here are an Osage priest, an early explorer from New York, a native-born farm wife, African American writers who protested attacks on their communities, a Pulitzer Prize–winning poet, and an art history professor who created a fictional town and a postmodern parody of the region’s stereotypes.

The Literature of the Ozarks establishes a canon as nuanced and varied as the region’s writers themselves.




   Cave Region Review: A Journal of Literary and Visual Art



The editors will consider submissions of literary an visual art from September 15 5o March 15.


Submission guidleines on Cave Region Region Facebook


Cave Region Review

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